Friday, November 11, 2022

The Real Reason Behind the Many Election Delays

These delayed swing state and other elections are strategically planned out by Dems to win elections and its worked for them 10 of 13  recent times, according to Tucker Carlson research . With votes allowed to come in up to three days after election day, people can literally bring in boxes of harvested ballots-legal or otherwise-as we watch Dem vote counts creep back up. It's not because mail-in ballots are always counted last and more Dems do mail-ins. The longer an election drags on the more chance for fraud. 

We need to go back to when elections were completed the same day. If large states like Florida and Texas can do it so can Arizona,   Nevada, Oregon , California, Washington and Pennsylvania. Notice a pattern here. Mostly western blue and swing  states taking part In these election scams -again , much like 2020 and most doing it with mailin ballots, no voter ID and ballot harvesting after election day! The New GOP house(?) should do a real investigation that the state Dem courts  and Pelosi House illegally rejected in 2020 and we think you'll find that, yes, the election(s) was stolen from Not only Trump But many other mostly GOP candidates.

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