Friday, August 26, 2022

Zuckerberg Admits FB / Media and FBI Rigged 2020 Election.

Zuckerberg Admits FB / Media and FBI Rigged 2020 Election

(Add More Evidence to 'Stop the (2020 Election) Steal' by Dems, Media, FBI)

'Subterfuge by Biden admin and FBI ' -Trump

We know Zuckerberg gave $40, 000 to the Dems for the 2020 electuon. NOW we learn the FBI told Zuckerberg/FBI to hold off on Hunter Biden laptop scandal story until AFTER election (Joe Rogan interview w Zuckerberg 8-22) . 
If this isn't evidence that FBI wasn't complicit in rigging the election along with FB and media, nothing is.
If effect, FB says it didn't suppress the story, as Zuckerberges6!+ said Twitter did, but FB 'MERELY' reduced distribution of story

-Media -Dems didn't honor Trump  covid vaccine until day AFTER 2020 election. Until that day it was ' we won't take that vaccine if it came through Trump' (Kamala and others)

And , now, Looking back, 
Latest dem  blame is 
Trump for pushing vaccine

Of course Dems liked it right after 2020 election but had nothing to do with vaccine up to election day!

FBI Redacts Their Reasons for Redacting the Trump Mar-a-lago Papers

FBI Gives Trump a Bump iN POLLS with its Unsubstantiated Raid on 

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