Tuesday, November 15, 2022


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Dems are always One step ahead at working the system,  first
 changing the voting rules to allow extra days to 'find' just enough Dem ballots to win elections.

How is it that Arizona can win five of six races by less than 2% of the vote -and I two cases closer to .5% . Only the state treasurer race gap was too wide to 'get down.' EARLY VOTING and LATE ELECTIONS- maybe the GOP should try it, but then the Dems would probably come up with another new way to get around the truth and steal more elections , instead of spending their time doing good things for their constituents

Recently, Dems put their time and effort In two Arizona races, Masters and Lake, going well past election days to radically swell the Dem vote just enough to put their persons on top after trailing big. Shades of swing states election overnight 2020 reversal when Trump and others were dark ahead in voting election night only to have people wake up the next day in amazement to see them all losing or having lost their elections!. In Last 15 swing state elections Dems have managed to win 12 of them (80%)  by small margins DAYS AFTER THE ELECTION.

Confidence in our nation’s elections is at an all-time low. Yet swing states with key races now routinely prolong counting for days even though polling strongly suggests that severely undermines the public’s trust in elections.

Some states have grown so comfortable with this system that they’ve started to preemptively announce delays, with corporate media going so far as to characterize early Republican leads as a “red mirage” before vote counts even started. >

Delayed Results Are Killing Americans’ Trust In Elections

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