Wednesday, November 9, 2022

three election takeaways


1) The WOULD-BE 'red wave' drama was largely driven by Dems and media with desire
to appear as if they won something. Also , some expected better than polls like in 2020 but polls were slightly more honest this election after most misleading in 2020.

2) Big questions were Pennsylvania -how someone so Ill and who did so poorly in debate like Fedderman could possibly beat a solid, law-abiding candidate like Dr Oz,  and , 'inept' Arizona, where Cary Lake was 10 points ahead in even the most accurate polls, now in danger of losing . Voting irregularity questions in both states should be investigated.

3) Dems today will only vote Dem , regardless  of ' bad ' Biden , etc -as long as you have a 'D' by your name. As Bucks Sexton notes, 'reality and rationality no longer matters' . Again, 'Red wave' was largely a concoction pushed by the media and Dems and 'eaten up' by some conservatives and run with by fake polls to cover Dems losses.

Election was NOT  a  loss for GOP nor Trump, who endorsed 20 winning so-called  'election deniars' . GOP has house now and likely Senate.. Dems and media were the losers.

P.S. - Ron Desantos got elected as Governor. Dont let Dems and media stop Trump AGAIN from his deserved second term. By the way, elections never used to take  this long to complete. Why did Dems keep telling us to be patient? 

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