Thursday, October 19, 2023


Why was the general assessment that Biden had a successful trip to israel? More media propaganda?

Biden failed to meet with anybody other than Netanyahu  And came right back home without having  Any real hostage negotiations. And not only that, Before leaving the mid east he managed to give away  $100 billion dollars more of our taxpayer money to Israel, which is fine, but also to the terrorists that  Just killed over 1,400 Israelis and AMERICANS and 2000 palestinians and held 200 people hostage- The same terroristS to which he released six billion dollars just last month AND another eighty billion dollars before that by removing oil sanctions ON IRAN- Money which went largely to financing the Hamas HOLOCOST! .

NETENYAHu probably would have turned away Biden like the jordanian & Egyptian leaders too If he weren't trying to put on a good face . And by the way, those two aircraft  carriers did a lot of good, didn't they- More government expense to send all the soldiers and planes along with them? 

I thought the main reason Biden was going to the Mideast was to Talk to the leaders to get the hostages removed. And now he may have got himself into yet another war North of Israel with Hezbollah and, yes, Iranian nation.

Re. Biden just gave $100k to a terrorist group that just killed 1,400 jews. yes, Hamas govt will intercept monies intended for 'humanitarian' palestinians. Everyone knows that. AND THATS NOT COGNITIVE DISSONANCE

CNNs Jake Tapper, a Jew himself, reported that the hospital was bombed by israelis, rather than Hamas, despite all the evidence to the contrary, hiding its source , HAMAS 'health ministry', at the very end of THE Story

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WILL AMERICA BE NEXT On Iranian / Terrorist Hit List?

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